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Own a franchise in one of the most in-demand services in the United States. Learn more about a Leafs Of Three franchise opportunity.

Meet The Founder

Hi, my name is Larry Atkins and I’m the founder of “Leafs of Three” poison ivy control services. I want to share some history and background with you in the hopes that you may find our franchise opportunity to be a good fit with your own goals and aspirations. Please take a moment and read the following information and contact us for more details.


Larry is holding a giant poison ivy stump!

What led to the formation of Leafs Of Three?

In 2006 my two brothers and I were having a random discussion about poison ivy and the horrible reaction it can cause, and that’s when Poison Ivy Control Of Michigan (PICM) was born. PICM was one of the first Poison Ivy control companies in the nation, and over the past 14 years has grown tremendously. As the most sought after company for noxious plant removal in Michigan, PICM has performed thousands of noxious plant removals for residential, municipal, and corporate customers. With that said, we have developed what we believe to be the most effective poison ivy control program available in the USA, which by its nature, has a built-in customer retention philosophy, ensuring long term commitments and repeat business while providing your customer the best service possible! Our proprietary methods have saved the population immeasurable pain and suffering as well as countless millions of dollars in medical bills, property damage, and potential legal fees. 

Our service is in great demand, and several years ago, in an effort to grow the business and help some friends at the same time, PICM expanded, opening PIC Maryland. Though not a franchise, Poison Ivy Control Of Maryland has proven that the concept works in other regions of the country and our success here in Michigan is not just a fluke. The process works and can be duplicated anywhere poison ivy and other noxious plants are an issue. People call from surrounding states all the time looking for service, and we just can’t take care of all of them from our Michigan and Maryland locations. Because of this, I decided the solution to the problem was to franchise the business and create a low-cost opportunity for people that might be interested in being self-sufficient, independent, own a very profitable business, and be greatly appreciated by the customers served. In fact, never in my life have I had this much job satisfaction. All of our team members agree, when you roll up on a job, in the eyes of the customer, you are the Superhero that has arrived to save the day!

Become a Leafs Of Three Franchise Owner

As a Leaf’s Of Three Franchise Owner, you will enjoy low startup costs, overall low operating expenses, high demand for your service and strong customer retention. This practically guarantees your success! 

Do you enjoy:

  • Working outside
  • Helping others
  • Plants, animals, and nature in general
  • Problem solving

Are you:

  • Self-motivated
  • Disciplined
  • A unique individual
  • Not afraid of real challenge


If you feel like this may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for, please contact us for details. We hope to talk with you soon.

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